Greeting from the CEO

We will make T-IME Education a global pioneer in education, producing educational materials which can stand up proudly in the world market.

T-IME Education, Korea’s first educational enterprise, has reached its current form after a number of shifts in strategy and system within the constantly shifting educational paradigm. It has established itself as the number one educational academy enterprise in Korea, from Seoul to Busan and South Gyeongsang Province, and expanded from running educational institutions into publishing and online activities. However, throughout these changes the goal of T-IME Education has not been to passively respond to changes in the educational marketplace, but to keep a long-term perspective in developing toward the future of education. For this reason, our educational programs offer students not a list of goals to achieve, but a path for achieving their own goals. In addition, we aspire to walk that path with them. I, as well as the entire T-IME Education staff, believe the boundaries between public and private education, or between good and bad education, arise not from economic or structural concerns but from what type of educational content is provided, and how much is put into education. This is why T-IME Education is continuing its educational research even at this very moment. T-IME Education is creating classrooms with genuine communication between teachers and students, and environments in which students can study individually. T-IME Education will strive to become an enterprise which can hold its head up proudly in the world of education, and a global educational leader.