Greeting from the CEO

The logo of T-IME education is a large tree which nurtures and supports talented people.
This logo symbolizes the complete, comprehensive educational system within T-IME’s content.

Company Logo

TIME’s totally integrated approach to education is represented by a smooth, unbroken circle, while its various educational systems are represented by a number of smaller circles. The main initial of T-IME, “T”, is shown as a human figure with arms outstretched, representing a recipient of T-IME’s educational programs. As this figure grows they will become the trunk of the tree, standing tall and contributing to the world around them. The smaller circles are shown as the fruit of the tree, representing the rewards that come from education, and the larger circle which surrounds them represents the world, representing T-IME Education’s global vision. In summary, this logo represents the students who are the recipients of T-IME’s educational services, who will grow tall as trees and become people of talent—this is the meaning of T-IME Education’s global educational business.


Logo Colors

In addition to the shape of the logo, its colors are also an important symbol of T-IME’s brand identity. To assure the effectiveness of the logo it is necessary to carefully check the printing method, thickness of ink, and paper quality in order to ensure that the identity of the logo is maintained, and the coloring of the logo must also be maintained when printed on plastic, or with silk screen, paint, acrylic, or other materials.

CMYK : C55% Y10%
RGB : R67 G170 B207

CMYK : C30% Y80%
RGB : R143 G197 B62

CMYK : C100% M100%
RGB : R28 G13 B96