Areas of Operation
Research Centers

Providing comprehensive educational services which encompass academies, publishing, and online servies

T-IME Education is an educational enterprise offering comprehensive services which include academies, language study, publishing, and online content, and each of our departments boasts competitive brands. In addition to differentiating each of our brands through the production of superior content, we maximize the potential of each brand in order to create ideal learning environments. Along with unceasing research and development, T-IME Education’s learning environments stand at the forefront of the industry.

Academy Operations Department

T-IME Education’s academies operate using the superior educational content produced by its research, publishing, and online departments, offering educational programs conducted in ideal learning environments. In addition, the use of cutting-edge multimedia learning systems such as Symphony create a new kind of educational environment which allows interactive learning to take place.

Publishing Operations Department

The Publishing Operations Department, which represents the knowledge base of T-IME’s activities, produces specialized educational content in various subject areas. It also displays this content to the world, promoting the quality of T-IME Education and the Korean education industry in general.

Online Operations Department

With T-IME Education’s subsidiary company T-Study at the center, T-IME’s teams of IT specialists research and develop differentiated learning systems to fit the educational environments of the future. T-IME Education is creating online learning environments which move beyond the limitations of location and time.

Overseas Operations Department

T-IME Education’s Overseas Operations Department not only promotes T-IME’s educational content abroad, but also involves establishing academies overseas and carrying on exchange with global-level institutions worldwide. In addition, by working with global publishing specialist Alston Publishing, we aspire to move beyond Asia to exporting educational content to the world.