Areas of Operation
Research Centers

T-IME Education works continuously to produce quality educational content.

Content Development Research Center

The Content Development Research Center, which consists of specialist researchers in each area of the middle and high school curriculums and in various subject areas, plans and develops educational programs for T-IME’s academies.
This institution develops and offers nation-wide academic evaluations four times annually, analyzes them to provide students with motivation and inspiration for study, and develops all of the textbooks used in T-IME academies. It also researches study goals, class pacing, and homework in order to systematize the use of these textbooks, and develops specialized educational tools to be used in the presentation of the material. Furthermore, it analyzes the content and trends of the most recent testing material in order to provide focused instruction, as well as holding seminars and public hearings to help instructors adapt to the use of these materials in the classroom.

Elementary Education Research Center

The Elementary Education Research Center conducts research on elementary education, with a focus on the creation of proper study habits and the development of thinking skills. It develops quality educational content in order to allow students to more systematically absorb the elementary curriculum, as differentiated from school admission. It also offers lectures and information sessions to not only develop instructors, but also inform the educational values of parents.
By connecting Highest’s elementary curriculum with its specialized school entrance programs it helps to continually develop the abilities of students, so that they will not have difficulties when they enter middle school and begin studying for school admission. In particular, the Elementary Education Division’s Highest Apple program move beyond the concept of a seperate creative thinking skills curriculum, providing a comprehensive educational program in which this area of instruction is reflected in the regular curriculum.

Educational Development Center

T-IME Education develops multimedia educational services which support high-quality, interactive education without being constrained by time or location. T-IME Education’s online educational operations exist to develop superior, comprehensive educational platforms. In particular, it concentrates on developing strategies to allow students everywhere to more actively take advantage of T-IME’s superior educational content—not only nation-wide, but world-wide. It is also developing online classrooms in which any instructor can create their own class and share information, and any student can ask questions and receive quality answers.

Content Development Research Center

The Content Development Research Center offers education, evaluation, and support to the employees and instructors at T-IME academies, and creates a network to answer the demands of T-IME’s various academies, providing constant systematic development and on-site support so that T-IME’s superior educational content will be delivered effectively to each student. Through student and parent surveys it monitors the service and educational levels of each academy, creating a database of customer complaints which it uses to provide educational training and raise the level of service offered. In addition, it undertakes evaluation of instructors and staff in order to improve the quality of instruction, consulting, and support at its academies.

Mid- to Long-term Educational Plan Research Center

The Mid- to Long-term Educational Plan Research Center uses an evaluation of each student in comparison with students nation-wide to offer them educational roadmaps, and works continuously to provide them with individual tracking and support to allow them to follow these roadmaps successfully. In addition, it offers a Parents’ School Admission Classroom to allow parents to become the managers of their own childrens’ educations, providing them with proper courses of study and educational plans. In particular, the specialized school entrance research group operated within the Educational Plan Research Center observes changes in the specialized high school entrance environment, supporting students in choosing study and entrance strategies to find the proper high school for each individual.

College Admission Research Center

The T-IME College Admission Research Center analyzes the constantly shifting school admissions environment, and offers students personalized strategies for school admission. With the support of academies specializing in college entrance such as the Highest High School Education Group, Future Research, Yeseom, and Eureka, it collects substantial and detailed information on school entrance, and on the basis of this information it contributes to the development of T-IME’s school admission strategies. By providing each student with individual study strategies and constantly available consulting, this center has helped T-IME to achieve its high college acceptance rate. It also operates a school entrance consulting center specializing in school admission along with other T-IME research centers in Seoul’s Daechi District, the center of the college admission industry in Korea. This center also plans to offer online college admission counseling in the future.