Future Research—In-depth Study from Elementary School to College Admission

img_brand01_mitamLocated in the special education zones in Bundang and Daechi District in Seoul, Future Research is a systematized educational academy offering education in areas such as mathematics, science, writing, and test-taking. Through in-depth education in each subject area from elementary school through college admission, it raises students’ competence in areas including reading comprehension, thinking skills, creativity, and problem solving.

Rather than simply focusing on college admission, Future Research helps develop student-centered comprehensive understanding based on a wider grasp of material, helping students to make their own realizations in the course of a twelve-year curriculum running from elementary school through college admission. Through this curriculum, the program has achieved notable success with admission to top-tier universities, and by matching its curriculum to the leading edge of the changing college admissions system it takes responsibility for helping students clear the final hurdle of their pre-university educations.

In particular, Future Research uses its long experience with college admission to offer professional, on-site college admission consulting, providing parents with a proper plan for high school and college admission as well as giving them a proper guide to admissions testing in according to subject and student age.

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