Highest—Korea’s largest elementary and middle school level academy

img_brand02_highestHighest is Korea’s largest chain of academies, and the most active at responding to changes in academic policy and the academic environment. Beginning with Highest Apple, an elementary creative thinking program, and moving on to specialized school admission and programs for middle school grades on to its competitive high school program, Highest offers advanced educational programs for the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Beginning with its main branch in the Mokdong area of Seoul, Highest has expanded to having 10 branches in the Seoul area as well as Ilsan and Bucheon, and on to other areas including Busan, Ulsan, and South Gyeongnam Province. In total we operate 74 academies, with 120,000 students studying in Highest classrooms nationwide.

Rather than focussing on short-term school admission results, Highest raises the academic level of individual students through effective educational techniques. The fact that it also boasts the highest rates of school admission is a result of this educational philosophy, as well as our professional know-how.

Highest moves beyond specializing in school admissions to offer individualized education using the interactive multimedia program Symphony, and individualized education consulting using the Mid- to Long-term Roadmap, in order to provide students and parents with the highest level of educational services.

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