New Study—Learning about mathematics through discussion, rather than by solving problems


New Study is a discussion-based mathematics academy for students from the third grade of elementary school through the third year of middle school. Starting from the main branch in Nowon, Seoul, New Study reaches 25,000 thousand students through its directly operated academies as well as around 220 franchised academies.

Classes at New Study are divided into debate and theory. During the debate section class is run freely by the students themselves rather than the teacher. Students write the problems they have solved at home on the board and explain their methods for finding solutions, after which other students debate alternative methods for finding a solution. This curriculum develops not only the students’ mathematical problem solving abilities, but their ability to present and debate.

In addition, it uses a peer education model in which students learn on their own rather than depending on information delivered in a teacher-centered manner, and encourages a self-directed approach to education by having students explain and present on their own solutions.

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