Soma—Thinking skills mathematics for the kindergarten and elementary levels


Soma was started in July, 2007 as Korea’s first mathematical thinking skills and manipulatives academy. Starting in Seoul’s Daechi District, Soma opened a new horizon on kindergarten and elementary mathematics education. Rather than emphasizing repeated practice of mathematical operations, Soma’s classes use a variety of manipulatives as well as examples from everyday life and history, introducing games which allow students to form an understanding of mathematical concepts on their own. These thinking skills classes, in which the use of manipulatives and activities allows students to gain mastery of both concepts and how to use them, allow students to participate in a self-directed way, and enjoy tackling even difficult material.

Based on its experience satisfying the demanding parents in Seoul’s competitive Daechi District, Soma now operates 49 academies in Korea, and has also expanded abroad into Beijing and Singapore.

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