LinguaForum, an internationally recognized English-language publisher


Since being founded in 2000 as a publisher specializing in TOEFL preperatory material, LinguaForum has published around 100 TOEFL, SAT, and elementary and middle school English textbooks. In 2000 it published the world’s first step-by-step TOEFL study series, and since 2003 it has sold rights to countries all over the world including the US, the UK, India, and Singapore.

Notably, in 2009 it signed a contract for the large-scale export of TOEFL testing with Anbow, China’s number-one educational enterprise, since which it has been busily approaching the export market. In addition to being the first publisher in the world to offer a step-by-step TOEFL study guide, it is also responsible for coining the phrase “Junior TOEFL”. LinguaForum shattered the stereotype that the TOEFL was merely a preparatory test for study abroad, developing TOEFL preparatory content for not only university students and adults but also elementary and middle school students, promoting the test as a study method for developing actual English ability. In addition, in 2010 it introduced the 3-part STEP TEPS series. In 2008 it expanded its area of operations with the launch of LFA (LinguaForum Academy), which exclusively uses LinguaForum textbooks and online programs, as well as other student management system, to provide comprehensive educational solutions. We currently operate around 400 academies nationwide, and having been recognized for excellence in education are also preparing to launch Jr. LFA.

Furthermore, LinguaForum is not only contributing to exporting Korean educational content, but also provides high-quality content to all of T-IME Education’s English-language education programs through programs such as Lime Tree, which offers university students and adults interest and information in addition to English education, as well offering a variety of educational content for students from elementary school to the adult level.

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