A mathematics education course for the kindergarten and elementary level combining textbooks and manipulatives


PlayFACTO manipulatives do not simply develop thinking skills. The play-based learning activities based on these manipulatives are directly connected to the elementary mathematics curriculum, allowing students to strengthen their understanding of the school curriculum at the same time as they develop their thinking skills.

With a professional curriculum that allows a perfectly comprehensive connection between textbook and manipulative, as well as a system which allows games of varying difficulty levels to be played using a single manipulatives box, PlayFACTO allows students from ages 6-7 through the 4th grade to continue learning without the purchase of additional manipulatives.

This program, designed with the goal of minimizing parental expense, does not follow the conventional strategy of providing only a textbook or a set of learning manipulatives. Instead it provides sets of textbooks and manipulatives which are intimately connected, together with a professional curriculum which allows them to work together in a unified way.

PlayFACTO’s workbook activities allow a child’s growth to be monitored. These age- and level-appropriate workbooks help children become naturally accustomed to book-based study, and allow parents to directly observe their childrens’ level of understanding and development.

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