PlayCogni—A reading-based language skills program for 3-5 year olds


PlayCogni is a reading-based language skills program which develops thinking skills and creativity in young learners with picture books and a variety of after-reading manipulatives and activities gauged to their level.

PlayCogni’s name is a combination of the words “play” and “cognition”, and it combines reading activities, workbooks, structured and unstructured activities using manipulatives, and video e-books with multimedia content to allow young learners to develop basic cognitive skills such as convergent reasoning, divergent reasoning, and deductive reasoning through play activities.

After reading picture books providing level-based instruction in character, creativity, natural science, and art, learners take part in play activities related to the text, making and organizing things using manipulatives. These learners can enjoy PlayCogni’s video e-books anytime and anywhere via computer or mobile device, and the parents’ guide provided allows the program to be used in the home.

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